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A Primer for Ambulatory Surgery Center Investors and Lenders

Posted in Healthcare Services Investing

In our most recent Law360 column, we tackled a series of basic investment premises and common misconceptions about investing in the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) industry.  This month’s column was co-authored with our McGuireWoods partner Bart Walker and is available here.  The ASC industry remains a fairly stable area for private equity and finance investment opportunities… Continue Reading

Three Hot Button Issues for Ambulatory Surgery Center Investments

Posted in Healthcare Services Investing

We have previously posted links to the monthly column that we write for Law360.  This month we co-authored a piece with our partner Bart Walker addressing three current legal issues in ASC investments.  The article discusses three legal issues garnering a lot of attention in the industry and is available here at http://www.law360.com/articles/432790/3-trapdoors-in-surgery-center-investing .  Our… Continue Reading

Private Equity Investing in Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Part I

Posted in Healthcare Services Investing

First Surgical Partners, Inc. , a company with two ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and a general acute care hospital in the Houston-area, has just announced that it is considering a going-private transaction where the company would no longer be a public reporting company and that its shares would no longer be traded on any exchange and/or… Continue Reading