The following is a list of eleven of the more experienced and active private equity investors in the health care and life science space. These investors are from large private equity funds that specialize primarily in growth-stage, buyout and platform funding transactions.  Note: Access an updated and expanded list by clicking here.

1.                  Robert Womsley, Jim Connelley and Ned Villers – Water Street Healthcare Partners. Mr. Womsley, Mr. Connelley and Mr. Villers each work with the Chicago-based firm of Water Street Healthcare Partners. Water Street has over $1 billion in capital under management. Water Street exclusively invests in the health care and life sciences space with portfolio investments across both medical device, medical device distribution and health care providers. Several of their portfolio companies include Medical Specialties Distributors, Sarnova and Access MediQuip. More information is available about Water Street at

2.                  Craig Frances, M.D. Craig Frances leads the health care team at Summit Partners. Summit Partners is one of the nation’s largest private equity funds with headquarters in both Palo Alto and Boston. Dr. Frances serves as a director of HealthCare Partners, National Veterinary Associates and Physicians Formula Holdings. Dr. Frances can be reached at and more information about Summit Partners is available at

3.                  Scott Perricelli and David Stienes – LLR Partners. LLR Partners is a large Philadelphia-based private equity fund that invests in a variety of different sectors including healthcare services. Mr. Perricelli and Mr. Stienes led a recent transaction by LLR Partners to fund a platform company called Vivera Health which will seek to build out fertility surgical and laboratory facilities throughout the country. Scott is available at and David is at and more information about LLR Partners is available at

4.                  David Koo and R. Craig Collister – RoundTable Healthcare Partners. RoundTable Healthcare Partners is based in Lake Forest, Illinois and was founded by senior executives from Baxter International and American Hospital Supply. Mr. Collister and Mr. Koo represent the next generation of leadership at RoundTable and focus on investing in various sectors of the healthcare space including medical devices. RoundTable has deep experience in investing in disposable and generic sectors of both medical device and pharmaceutical industries. More information about Mr. Koo and Mr. Collister and RoundTable Healthcare Partners can be found at

5.                  Jeremy Silverman – Frontenac Company. Jeremy Silverman is a managing director at Frontenac Company. Frontenac is a Chicago-based private equity fund that invests in a variety of sectors and focuses portions of its funds on the healthcare space. During the 1990s, Frontenac was a leader in the practice management consolidation. Current Frontenac portfolio investments include Crescent Healthcare and E+ Cancer Care. More information about Jeremy Silverman and Frontenac can be found at

6.                  Reeve Waud and David Neighbours – Waud Capital. Reeve Waud is the founder of Waud Capital and David Neighbours is a Partner at Waud Capital which is a manager of over $1 billion of funds also based in Lake Forest, Illinois. Waud Capital has invested in Acadia Healthcare and Hospitalists Management Group, LLC and has had significant success in the healthcare space. To further their management expertise, Waud Capital Partners has brought on board Gary Mecklenburg, the former CEO of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois as an Executive Partner. More information about Waud Capital can be found at