Geoff Cockrell and I recently co-authored an article on private equity investments in the dialysis sector in Law360 (a LexisNexis legal publication).   A copy of the article is attached here.

One of the featured dialysis companies with private equity backing is American Renal Associates (ARA).  ARA is fourth largest dialysis company in the US, after public companies Fresenius and Davita and not-for-profit provider DCI.  ARA has dialysis facilities located in 19 states across the country and Washington, D.C., owning and managing more than 120 facilities in a purely physician joint venture model and serves over 8,000 patients.   In 2010, private equity firm Pamlico Capital (formerly Wachovia Capital Partners), completed the sale of ARA’s affiliate American Renal Holdings (ARH). to Centerbridge Partners. 

The other major PE-backed players in the industry are also descirbed more fully in the article.