Below is a link to view the latest entry from the monthly Law360 that we publish relating to healthcare private equity investments. This column was written by Geoff C. Cockrell, Amber McGraw Walsh and William T. Nash, McGuireWoods LLP.

Concierge medicine, also known as “boutique” or “retainer” medicine, has grown from a regional industry catering to a select, wealthy population of patients to a national industry that provides a viable alternative to many patients with more modest incomes. As implementation of the Affordable Care Act moves forward, primary care physicians will be asked to serve even larger patient populations. As a result, the concierge medicine industry is primed for further growth as patients seek better access to physicians. As a young and growing field, concierge medicine may ultimately provide a solid market for private equity investors.

View the Law360 column “Concierge Medicine Market Offers Investment Opportunities.”