Maravai LifeSciences, a portfolio company of GTCR, has announced it has acquired MockV Solutions.

Maravai, based in San Diego, is a provider of life science reagents and services to researchers and biotech partners. The company focuses on DNA and RNA synthesis, bioprocess impurity testing and research immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence.

MockV, based in Rockville, Md., is a biotechnology company focused on developing a series of analytical kits to help benchtop scientists quantify viral clearance in industrial processes.

As a result of the acquisition, MockV became part of Cygnus Technologies, a Maravai LifeSciences company, on March 16.

GTCR, based in Chicago, pursues a wide range of investments in several industries, including healthcare. Founded in 1980, the firm prefers to make more substantial investments from a dollars perspective. GTCR targets growth companies in all sectors of the healthcare industry.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.