We see various opportunities for distressed investing, both with respect to platform transactions as well as tuck-in transactions as certain businesses struggle to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic

The authors have launched a new podcast called “Across the Table Podcast.” This podcast provides timely and relevant discussions with specialists and professionals of the healthcare private equity and finance industry. We’ll share latest developments, provide insight, identify issues and talk takeaways.

In the first episode, Mark Freedlander, Pittsburgh partner, discusses distressed investing in the healthcare sector, including an overview of the out-of-court and formal-bankruptcy process, common issues in distressed M&A and the importance of diligence. As the financial markets and economy negatively reacts to COVID-19, we are focusing our attention on opportunities for investing in distressed healthcare businesses. Successfully closing a transaction when the target is in financial distress presents some unique challenges. Whether the business has sought bankruptcy protection or is outside of the formal court process, there is opportunity for significantly cheaper deals, albeit with greater risk, available.