On this episode of Across the Table, host Kayla McCann Marty is joined by Alexis Rathborne, Managing Director of Investments at Trident, for a discussion on the healthcare market and the investment thesis driving Trident’s team. Alexis explains how she applies Trident’s investment thesis — that identifying the right investment and operating partners is key to successful acquisitions — to the specialized physician investments she reviews.

For Alexis, the right deal is all about finding the right asset within those specialties and the right partners to work in those sub-industries. “We are very good at finding the right partner to bring into that [specific] investment with us and to make sure that we’re using the breadth of our network to think through the entire ecosystem of whatever that particular investment structure is,” Alexis says.

Throughout the episode, Alexis shares insights into popular subsectors of healthcare investing that interest the Trident team, along with some current challenges in making an acquisitions deal. She and Kayla also share opportunities they see in the market and what they anticipate looking ahead.

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